Welcome to LookRep, a dynamic application founded by esteemed Political Data Scientist, Bariki Mshomi. Our mission is to empower citizens through transparency, accountability, and civic engagement. We provide you with vital information about your elected representatives, ensuring you are well equipped to make informed decisions.

Our unique collaboration with government agencies, social media platforms, OutRai App, and data providers makes us stand out. We are dedicated to offering accurate and authentic information about elected representatives, and our partnerships ensure the reliability and enrichment of this information.

Our Daily Operations

comprehensive data management, cutting-edge app development, seamless social media integration, and a strong collaboration with OutRai. We constantly update and verify our data to maintain its accuracy. We work tirelessly to ensure our app functions seamlessly and enhances your ability to connect and engage with your elected officials

LookRep has invested in a robust technological infrastructure, an extensive representative database, and skilled teams. Our infrastructure ensures smooth hosting and functioning of our app. The database gives you access to up-to-date, reliable information about your representatives. Our teams of developers and customer support staff work around the clock to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Value Preposition

Our value proposition revolves around easy representative lookup, civic engagement, contact simplification, voting decision support, and a unique responsive score, provided through our collaboration with OutRai. We strive to enhance democratic participation by making it easier for citizens to find, connect, and engage with their elected representatives. Our integrated social media profiles and contact details simplify the process of reaching out to your representatives. LookRep equips you with performance and accountability data about representatives, helping you make informed voting decisions.

Our Customer Base

Our users range from everyday citizens looking to connect with their representatives, new residents adjusting to their areas, voters who value transparency, philanthropists supporting civic engagement platforms, to partner organizations promoting our app.


We connect with our users through various app stores, our official website, social media platforms, and our network of partner organizations. Our official website serves as an information hub, providing detailed updates about the app’s functionality. We also leverage social media platforms for marketing and user engagement, fostering a vibrant community around LookRep.

Our user support team, feedback management system, and social media engagement ensure positive customer relationships. We prioritize user feedback and use it to drive regular updates and improvements to our app, making sure that LookRep evolves according to your needs.

We employ a diversified revenue model, leveraging a freemium model, advertising, partnerships, data licensing, government contracts, sponsorships, data analysis, insights, consulting services, API integration, analytics, insights, and sponsored content. Our various revenue streams help us continue providing our services and fulfilling our mission.

Our visionary founder

our visionary founder, has over thirty years of experience in the political

data science field. He has made significant contributions to politics through his expertise in data engineering, analytics, and digital marketing. Bariki is a prominent figure in the field, reshaping information dissemination, campaign strategies, and fundraising


We are committed to revolutionizing how citizens interact with their elected

representatives. With our strong business model, diverse revenue streams, and the guidance of a visionary founder, LookRep stands poised to achieve success in empowering citizens and strengthening democracy. Join us in this journey today.