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I have over thirty years of experience as a Data Engineer, applying that knowledge as a Political Analyst, having comprehensive knowledge and tools to gain vital political insights. With all the actions following the last election designed to make it harder to cast your ballot, I want to make it easier for all voters, regardless of party or affiliation. For that reason, I created this website with the following goals:
• Help you get to know your state, federal, and local representatives with just a couple of clicks.
• Finding and contacting your representatives was never as accessible as it is now.
• We make the voting decisions easier for you. With this tool, you can filter the representatives verifiably interested in dealing with public affairs, making a better voting decision in the next elections.

Do Yourself a Favor: Contact your Elected Representative and Make your Life Easier

During difficult times, when people want to get their problems solved in their location, a common question arises among the masses - Who is my state representative? Many people, in general, are alienated from their representatives, so they may end up not knowing their names.

Knowing your representatives can help you put things in order, as contacting them is easier than ever today.

With the PatnuVotes app, you can quickly access our representative lookup to find your representative easily.

The PatnuVotes app gives you an elected officials list that assists you in finding the legislators who represent you at the local as well as state, and national levels.

Sometimes, you need to find the local representatives, while other problems can only be addressed by the state representatives.

The PatnuVotes app allows you to do a quick search, and your question “Who are my state representatives?” will be answered in a matter of seconds.

With the user-friendly layout of the app, you can find your state representative’s social media profiles to contact them on the platform of your choice. Not only this, but you can also get the phone number of your elected representatives to contact them in urgency.


Why would I need to know my local and state representatives?


Gone are the days when you had to visit the offices of the elected representatives in order to contact them. With the representative lookup feature of the PatnuVotes app, you can do it from the comfort of your couch.

Here a question arises about why you might need to know your political representatives and the local elected officials. There are a number of reasons to do so, the top of which remains the following:

    You must give your feedback on the policies that are affecting your lives to the elected representatives by contacting them.

    You can present yourself as a human resource to your elected political representatives, as most of them need volunteers for the work going around in various forms.

    You can give your input to the upcoming policies to your elected representatives so that they can raise your voice in the legislatures.

    You must extend your congratulations to the elected officials in case they solve your problem.


These are some of the occasions on which you may need to contact your political representatives, and the PatnuVotes app helps you in doing so.

Contacting your state representatives can be a troublesome task on most occasions, as those people are busier than the local representatives. Waiting for them outside their office is an age-old task that increases the red tape at the end of the day.

Having the devolution of power is a crucial pillar of any workable democratic model. You cannot expect your state representative to be available all the time.


Who are my senators, and who are my state representatives? The PatnuVotes app is the answer:


Senators and representatives also spend most of their time in Washington for the official meetings, so waiting for them to come to your state and meet you at your doorstep is just beyond possibility.

This is the reason why many people are unaware of their senators, as people often ask, “Who are my senators?” Undoubtedly, knowing your senators will be the best thing you can do as these people are the most powerful in the legislative hierarchy.

With the PatnuVotes App, contacting your senators is the easiest thing on the face of the planet. Most of the time, your problems can be solved with a phone call or through a quick message on a social media profile. However, in case you want to meet them, you can set up a meeting with them by contacting them through the PatnuVotes app.

Meet your local representatives: Make your lives easier:


Having a strong connection with your local representative can help you with daily chores. As the senators and the state representatives cannot help everyone with minor problems, owing to their nature of jobs, the devolution of power to the local representatives serves this very purpose.

You have a problem in your neighborhood, call your local representative. The road going downtown is tearing up? Call your local representative. In short, local representatives are the first ones in the hierarchy who can assist you in difficult times. And finding those local representatives was never as easy as it is now with the help of the PatnuVotes app.


Political representatives lookup: A tool to bridge the gap between voters and the elected representatives


Political representatives lookup is a new concept and still a pipe dream in most countries. This concept of accessibility makes the United States democracy vibrant and distinctive from other countries. As the primary motive of the PatnuVotes app remains bridging the gap between the voters and their representatives, this representatives lookup is a classical feature to get connected with your elected officials.

The representative lookup is also helpful for those shifting to some new area or state and know nothing about their new representatives.

Not only this, but this representative lookup is also a great indicator of the progress of your representative, as you can make better decisions regarding whom to vote.

In case your elected officials are not available to you in the hour of the need, it’s time to vote for someone else in the next elections. The accountability of the political representatives is crucial, as some of them can start to become alien to the real issues of the voters after receiving the votes. So, the representative lookup also acts as a tool to gauge the efficiency of the elected representatives. 

It is likely at some point, you will need someone with more clout and power to solve a problem.  At the same time, you may want information about a candidate but not know how to reach the appropriate social media sites.  The PatnuVotes app solves those problems.